Saturday, December 6, 3:40PM-5:30PM
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Director: Jeremy T. Navarro
Category: Narrative Short
Runtime: 12 minutes
Place of Origin: Tampa, Florida
Shooting Locations: Plant City, Florida

Synopsis: (Drama, Comedy) "Brush" is a short film that deals with pain and emotions of divorce. Taken from personal experiences and written from a fresh perspective, Brush creates a world that many understand and can relate to. It is not your typical film; minimal dialogue, only 2 actors, and music playing a third person in the film. It's an emotional journey for those who know pain and hopefully they will find peace at the resolve.

Cast: London Amara, Josh Lentz, Kelsey Navarro (Voiceover)

Crew: Writers: Jeremy T. Navarro, Brandon D. Hyde - Producers: Sophia Hyde, Jeremy T. Navarro -- Brandon D. Hyde, Cinematographer and Editor

Production Background & Fun Facts: Inspired by the true events of our lead actress, London Amara. Wanted to tell a story with little to no dialogue so as filmmakers we could tell the most visual story we could.

Festivals & Accolades: Central Florida Film Festival, Innovative Film Festival (Best Cinematography)



"Brush" Short Film Teaser Trailer from Brandon D. Hyde on Vimeo.