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All showings at Britton 8 Theaters in Tampa, Florida
Thu 12/3 7:00p - 9:00p
Opening Night Films
Buckeye, Don't Mess With The Sharkies, Pirate Gypsies, The Great Heist, The Tutor, Thick Heart

Opening Night Party follows

Fri 12/4 1:30p - 3:15p
Wordly Shorts
Confession, Curious-City, Fatum, Roman Citizen

Fri 12/4 3:10p - 5:10p

Fri 12/4 3:15p - 5:15p
Adventures Of A Secret Kidd: The Mass Hallucination Of Kenn Kweder

Fri 12/4 5:10p - 6:10p
Coastal Dune Lakes: Jewels Of Florida's Emerald Coast

Fri 12/4 5:15p - 6:45p

Fri 12/4 6:10p - 8:25p
Drama Block 1: Real & Surreal
A World For Her, Ashore, My Sister, The Psychopath, She Rides The Ghostbike, The End Of Blessings, Memoirs

Fri 12/4 6:45p - 8:45p
The Inevitable

Fri 12/4 8:25p - 10:50p
Other-Worldly Shorts: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Block
M-Theory, Perfect Machine, Reset, Sundown, That's How I Roll, Time Keeper (short), Tyrfing

Fri 12/4 8:30p - 9:50p
A Contratiempo with lead-in
Sales From 12 To 12

Fri 12/4 9:50p - 11:55p
Vida Perra Shorts
Breach, Hot Water, Imaginary Fiend, Rat Catching, Rocket Science, Singer, Teaming Up, True Love

Fri 12/4 10:50p - 12:35am

Fri 12/4 11:55p - 1:45am
Dangerous People

Fri 12/4 12:35am - 2am
(actually Saturday 12/5)

Tapped Out Party throughout evening

Sat 12/5 12:00p - 2:00p
Drama Block 2: Pretzels
Adolescents, Climb, Eveleigh, Mountain Creek, The Half Twin

Sat 12/5 12:00p - 1:40p
Student Film Block
First Impression, Grayscale, Home Cooking, Icon, Invited, Luiseno, Marvin, Seeping Between The Cracks

Sat 12/5 1:40p - 3:40p
Inside Scarlett

Sat 12/5 2:00p - 4:05p
Drama Block 3: All Is Fleeting
A List, Aidos, Bound, Grace Period, Grief Sleeps, Ricochet, The Morning After, This Is How It Starts, Young Bull

Sat 12/5 3:40p - 6:00p
Fangs For The Blood: Short Horror Block
Bedtime Story, Chomp, Everyday Spooky, Howto: Demon Summoning, Killer Kart, Mombie, Night Shift, Pale Creatures Of The Night, Seplophobia, The Watch

Sat 12/5 4:05p - 6:00p
Documentary Block 1
I'm Kid Thunder, Shirley's Kids, The Soul Is Wandering, Time Simply Passes

Sat 12/5 6:00p - 7:50p
Code 9 Officer Needs Assistance,

Sat 12/5 6:00p - 7:45p

Sat 12/5 8:00p - 9:10p
Documentary Block 2
Stories On The Skin: Tattoo Culture At Fau, You Don't Look Sick

Sat 12/5 8:00p-9:30p
Awards Ceremony the BUFFYS at the theater
Awards Party follows


Sun 12/6 12:00p - 1:15p
A Wise Fool

Sun 12/6 12:00p - 1:15p

Sun 12/6 1:00p - 3:00p
The Huntington's Disease Project: Removing The Mask

Sun 12/6 1:00p - 2:50p
Film Is Art Block
10/9, Alchemy, Free The Pain, Girl + Ghost, Normies, Super'Mance, The Great Flood

Sun 12/6 2:50p - 5:15p
High Octane Shorts
Broken Trust, Bullet Of Madness, Limo Driver, Monsters, Peace Love Unity Retribution, Stop Me If You Dare, The Art Of Villainy, Wild Wild East

Sun 12/6 3:00p - 4:45p
Drama Block 4: Roar
Americano, In Sickness, No, Thank You., Shane, Sirens, Sisters, The Hero That Here Lies,

Sun 12/6 4:45p - 7:00p
Comedy Block
Cleaning Up, Clever Girl, Espionage 101, Folie A Deux: Madness For Two, Fried Pickles, Guarder Of Lives, Hitmen, I Invented A Time Machine, Jangled, Migraine Hell, Speed Dating, The Dangle, Video By Alex

Sun 12/6 7:00p - 7:15p
Closing Night Ceremony with Audience Awards reveal
Closing Night Twin Features

Sun 12/6 7:15p - 9:15p

Time Keeper (Feature - Entire Web Series)

Driving While Black