Sunday, December 4, 2016, 10:00AM-11:00AM
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Director: Jordan-Paige Sudduth
Category: Narrative Short, Student Short
Runtime: 3 minutes
Place of Origin: Cumming, Georgia
Shooting Locations: Cumming, Georgia
Student's School: High School

Synopsis: (Drama) The brother is addicted to drugs. The sister wants her brother back. Drugs don't only affect those who use them, but the ones around them as well.

Cast: Leiloni Arrie Pharm, Tyler Biehl, Audrey Black, Brayden Sudduth

Crew: Writer: Jordan-Paige Sudduth; Producer: Jordan-Paige Sudduth; Jordan-Paige Sudduth- Editer, Cinematographer

Production Background & Fun Facts: (TBUFF note) Jordan-Paige Sudduth directed, wrote, shot, produced and edited her first feature film 'Cracked' over the summer. She turned 15 while planning that production.

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