Generation Girl
Saturday, December 3, 2016, 1:40PM-3:40PM
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Director: Anna Blum
Category: Narrative Short, Student Short
Runtime: 9 minutes
Place of Origin: Sydney, Australia
Shooting Locations: Sydney, Australia
Student's School: Sydney Film School

Synopsis: (Comedy) It begins in the idealistic world of Stacey and Whitney, two young, physically attractive women. When Whitney arrives at Stacey's home, the two immediately declare they are best friends. However, it is clear from the get-go that something is a little off: their clothes match just a little too well, the film is a bit too saturated, and the dialogue is just slightly ridiculous. Things between Whitney and Stacey soon take a turn for the disastrous, and their world comes crashing down when they begin to fight over a mutual love interest, Brad.

Cast: Isabel MacMaster, Gemma Knight, Jakob Mulready

Crew: Writer: Fiona Gillman; Producer: Jacob Frith; Cinematographer - Sally Broad, Editor - Zooey Gao

Production Background & Fun Facts: Anna Blum was selected from a group of diploma students pitching to direct short scripts written by the previous years' students at Sydney Film School. The film is shot on 16mm film and it's first cut was done on a Steenbeck.

Festivals & Accolades: Yonkers Film Festival, Fargo Fantastic Film Festival, Sydney Film School Film Festival (Best Editor), Ivy Film Festival, Harvard College Film Festival, Sun & Sand Film Festival, Trinity Film Festival, Machetanz Film Fesitval, Fear No Film Festival, VOB Film Festival

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