I Hate the Color Red
Saturday, December 3, 2016, 12:00PM-2:00PM
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Director: Jazmin Jamias
Category: Narrative Short, Student Film
Runtime: 19 minutes
Place of Origin: San Francisco, CA
Shooting Locations: Sacramento, Vallejo, Pacifica, Daly City - California
Student's School: San Francisco State University

Synopsis: (Comedy/Dramady) A comedy about a sister and a brother who having inherited a video store from their parents, struggle to keep it a viable business. But thanks to 'red boxes' and 'red envelopes,' they realize that their store will soon become obsolete. How they reconcile themselves to this realization, or don't, will leave you chuckling and charmed.

Cast: Kristine Gerolaga, Jose Angeles, Jessica Etheridge

Crew: Writer: Jazmin Jamias; Producer: Laura Chenault; Composer: Jorna L. Tolosa (Assistant Director), Chris F. Powell and Daniel Ancheta (Directors of Photography)

Production Background & Fun Facts: The film was inspired by Kevin Smith's 1994 breakout hit 'Clerks'. The film's rudimentary film style was mimicked in the film. Writer/Director/Editor: Jazmin Jamias recently graduated from SFSU with a degree in Cinema with an emphasis in fictional filmmaking. Her last film, a short documentary entitled, The Altered Lives of LaVonne Sallee' won two audience awards and two documentary awards and is currently part of the 'Frameline Voices' program which can be found online. She hopes to continue to tell stories from a Filipino-American perspective through the medium of film. She lives and works in the Bay Area in California.

Festivals & Accolades: Best Student Filmmaker Award (Chattanooga film festival), Good Life Audience Award (Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema), Best Student film (Rainier Independent film festival), Best Female Performance (Sacramento Asian Pacific Film festival, Honorable Mention for best narrative short (DisOriented Film festival of Oregon) and Nominated for Execellent Short filmmaking (Asian American International Film festival)

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I Hate the Color Red Trailer from Jazminflower on Vimeo.