Lab Rats
Friday, December 2, 2016, 9:25PM-11:10PM
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Director: John Stevenson
Category: Narrative Short
Runtime: 17 minutes
Place of Origin: Tallahassee, FL
Shooting Locations: Tallahasee, FL

Synopsis: (Sci-Fi, Horror) A woman wakes up in the middle of nowhere with no idea how she got there.

Cast: Jackie Calderon, Cheyenne Wise, Scott Mock, Danny Noyes, Rich Robards, Kevin Hsieh, Rupert Giroux

Crew: Writer: John Stevenson; Producer: John Stevenson; Cinematograper--Perrone Ford, Make-up--Michelle Ayres & Rich Robards, Music--Gamble Cosmos

Production Background & Fun Facts: 'David Lynch remakes RESIDENT EVIL on a really low budget.' That was the idea, anyway.

Festivals & Accolades: Rails to Reels Film Festival (Meridian, MS); Big Fandom Film Festival (Greenville, SC), Super Geek Film Festival (Paradise City Comic-Con--Ft. Lauderdale, FL))