Friday, December 2, 2016, 9:25PM-11:10PM
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Director: Dorian Javas Williams
Category: Narrative Short
Runtime: 17 minutes
Place of Origin: Miami, FL
Shooting Locations: Miami, FL

Synopsis: (Drama) Donovan Drake has the perfect life, almost. He's young, successful, has good friends and a beautiful fiance but there's something missing. He's decided to undergo a controversial life-changing procedure in order to find fulfillment. The film examines the consequences of the his last day before his operation.

Cast: Will J. Jackson, Derek Russo, Lauren Anatase, Michael Jacques

Crew: Writer: Dorjan Javas Williams; Producer: Dorjan Javas Williams, Vincent DeVries; Vincent DeVries - Cinematographer

Production Background & Fun Facts: Dorjan Javas Williams has been in Film/Video production for nearly 10+ years. His objective is to ultimately fulfill his dream of becoming a full-time 'anthology' writer/director. Trivia: He always incorporates a name from a Batman character into his scripts.

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